Restricted page

Welcome to the Restricted Page.

Here you can find information that you need in order to participate at TGIFF Online. First of all, please consult the TGIFF Program (click here).

You can access for free the Program items at Discord TGIFF Server (the invite link is The program room is in the section Program, audio/video room Program.

Also here are the Facebook Page, channel.

Due to the request of the film distributor/producer, the following films will be screened online at a fixed day and hour, during the festival.
The hours are in Romanian Local time:

TRANS: 19th September, 19.00 hours
Superdeep: 19th September, 21.00 hours
Stalled Trek: The City On the Edge of Foreclosure: 18th September, 19.00 hours
LUZ: Flower of evil: 18th September, 21.00 hours
Cassandra’s Secret: 17th September, 19.00 hours
Cyberchondria: 17th September, 21.00 hours
Woman in the Painting: 16th September, 19.00 hours